• Is it safe for my child?

    Yes! As with our regular kickboxing classes we do not teach our students simply to punch and kick each other. With all our junior classes any type of contact is done using specifically designed equipment for children. We will teach your child a wide variety of skills such as respect for others, safety and discipline. We also use a reward system that encourages children to learn.

  • How do we do all this?

    Each class has a particular theme such as balance, coordination, memory, working as a team, home safety amongst many others. It is taught in a fun and interesting way that your child can easily understand using simplified drills and techniques from our regular kickboxing classes.

  • What will my child gain from the class?

    As with all martial arts you can expect to see an increase in confidence, concentration, coordination, and fitness levels very quickly. At Little Dragons Kickboxing your children will learn all these valuable attributes and more whilst training in our class, this will assist them both in their schooling and day to day life.

  • When/Where are the classes?

    The classes run everyweek apart from Bank holiday Mondays at - Monday evening 6.00pm-6.45pm (excluding bank holidays) Victoria Park Leisure Centre, Ilkeston, DE7 8AT Tuesday evening 5.00pm-5.45pm Church hall, Breaston, Derbyshire DE72 3DX Saturday morning 10.00am-10.45am West Hallam Community Sports Centre, DE7 6GX

  • Is there a membership contract ?

    No ! We believe we want our students to come to our classes because they want to not because they are contractually obliged to do so. Many of our students are long standing and continue to train with us because of our exciting varied & rewarding kickboxing lessons.

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Frequent Questions

How much are the classes?

Please see - Class Prices

How are the classes paid for?

We only accept payments by monthly standing order. As the classes are busy this free's up more time for everyone!.

Am I tied in?

No! You can cancel your membership at anytime

What if I miss a class?

Feel free to make up missing classes at our other locations