About Us

Little Dragons Kickboxing classes are exclusively specialised and aimed at children aged between 4 and 8 years. Your Little Dragons will be in very safe hands with instructors Marie & Matt Ward

Obviously getting your children to tear themselves away from the TV or their games consoles is far easier said than done, but in most cases we’ve found that kids sometimes require nothing more than a little encouragement and a slight nudge in the right direction to get them to try new things, and once they have taken part, we’re certain that they will absolutely love it and will never want to leave.

Our Little Dragons kickboxing classes are designed to teach your children a variety of basic skills and martial arts movements as well as other disciplines which will not only boost their health and fitness, as well as their martial arts capabilities, but they will also help improve their lives in a variety of other ways also. Our Little Dragons classes teach:

• A variety of simple to master techniques which are crucial when teaching young children
• Basic martial arts skills
• Various ‘learning through play’ activities which will ensure that your children will have fun and enjoy themselves whilst they learn
• Structured rewards via our grading belt syllabus
• Self discipline, social skills, and how to respect others

As well as teaching a variety of different skills and techniques, our Little Dragons classes also offer numerous other benefits and advantages to both, our students, and indeed you the parents. Much of what we teach has been proven to be highly effective at assisting and improving a child’s development as they grow older. Just a few examples of the types of skills and benefits your child could pick up are:

• How to socialise with others
• How to make new friends
• Martial arts and self defence techniques
• Improved physical fitness
• Controlled weight management
• Improved coordination
• Improved flexibility
• Self discipline
• Good manners
• Politeness
• Self confidence
• Numerous martial arts skills and techniques

One of the main things we’ve noticed and one of the main pieces of positive feedback we receive from the parents of our students, is that kids and parents alike have been extremely impressed with our ‘achievement patches’, which are patches designed to recognise and celebrate a student’s achievements, which can then be ironed or sewn onto the student’s kickboxing belts once they’ve earned them. These achievement patches cover a number of things, with just a few examples being things like:
– For showing signs of outstanding confidence
– For showcasing great manners
– For exceptional politeness
– For trying their best
– For showing outstanding ability
– Etc…
Another great incentive that we offer for our students to really try their best is to offer a ‘student of the month award to the student of a particular month which we feel has showcased all of the qualities that we look for here at Little Dragons.

No matter whether you’re trying to get your child to become more physically active, to take up a new sport or hobby, to help them develop a keen interest in martial arts, or if you’re simply trying to get them fitter, healthier, and to socialise with other children you can rest assured that your children will be in the most capable and safest of hands. Try our Little Dragons martial arts classes now and see just how much of a difference it will make on the little would-be martial artists in your lives.

Your Instructors Marie & Matt Ward

The Little Dragons Kickboxing classes are taught by experienced Midlands PKA Instructors Marie & Matt Ward.

The instructors and classes have been established for many years, great pride is taken in the running of the clubs and your child’s development and well-being within the classes.

Both Marie & Matt have vast amounts of knowledge, skills, qualifications, and numerous other qualifications under their belts. For added peace of mind, both also possess full DBS checks, child safeguarding certificates, martial arts specific insurance, and first aid qualifications.




There are weekly classes in –

Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Newthorpe, Nottingham

The classes are strictly limited in size and sometimes there can be a waiting list, please contact us now to register your interest or book your child’s FREE trial session.

If you would like more information about the cost of the classes or membership prices then please look at this page or use the contact form for any further questions!