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Best type of martial art for children

Martial Arts are an excellent way that children can develop a more controlled relaxed manner with their bodies and themselves. To be more physically agile and relaxed brings a greater sense of well being. With so many styles and clubs available how do you choose which is best for your child? Kickboxing is a great place to start as it uses techniques from many different martial arts styles and its generally considered to be one of the more cardiovascular. It is fun, easy to learn but still uses the traditional teaching methods and etiquette. Some of the many benefits of a Little Dragons Kickboxing class include increased fitness, improved ...

Martial arts classes for children in Nottingham & Derby

Little Dragons Kickboxing is a special martial arts class for children in the  Nottingham & Derby areas for 4-8 year olds. The classes are a fun way to learn and improve important life skills such as confidence, concentration, discipline, fitness and respect for others amongst many others. Each class is different yet gives your child a sense of progression through our specially designed rewards system. The martial art of Kickboxing requires and promotes a high level of self control higher level of well being and fitness. There are weekly classes at Ilkeston, Borrowash and West Hallam. The class sizes are limited so a waiting list can be ...

Learning to work with others in martial arts

In martial arts or kickboxing classes children are taught to work with others and as part of a team. By working with other students your child will be learning moves and will break down confidence barriers becoming more and more confident with others. Sometimes they will be asked to demonstrate a technique or move and even by telling others what to do will develop their leadership skills. Little Dragons Kickboxing classes are a great way of your child improving their social skills and improving confidence.

How martial arts classes are great for children

If  you are looking for a way to encourage your children to take more physical exercise then why not try a martial arts class designed for youngsters such as Little Dragons Kicboxing. Your children may have already expressed an interest in martial arts or kickboxing thanks to popular comic creations such as the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles or many other fictitious characters or real life sports persons. Our classes are specially designed for children to learn martial arts in a fun and safe way.